Custom Hearing Protection

Today’s world is a noisy place – protect your ears!

On a daily basis, we now have to deal with loud noises from machinery, power tools, lawn care equipment, amplified music, gunfire, and the list goes on. While most of these loud sounds improve our life, they put us at risk for great damage to our ears and causing noise induced hearing loss. 

Use of hearing protective devices (HPDs) is required to keep our ears healthy and working for our entire life.  They reduce the long-term damage associated with noise induced hearing loss. 


Custom Ear Plugs 

Custom molded earplugs are extremely comfortable and provide good noise reduction features. Impressions are cast of your ears and molds are then manufactured from a soft silicone material to exactly fit your ears. Custom earplugs can come in a solid silicone material or with filters to allow soft sounds to sound natural and dampening only loud sounds.

Musicians’ Filtered Earplugs

Musicians’ earplugs are a type of custom molded earplugs available with filters that avoid the sensation of music sounding “muffled”.  Filters come in reduction of 9, 15 or 25 decibels (you pick one), as well as a completed attenuated filter plug. Additional filters are available for extra charge should you wish to have more than one attenuation rating.

Electronic Hearing Protection

Electronic hearing protection works as an amplifier and can shut off completely to be used as hearing protection for very loud sounds. This type of HPD is often popular with hunters, allowing one to hear very soft environmental sounds and footsteps until the moment his or her gun fires. Devices are custom made similar to the custom earplugs.

Foam Earmuffs & Earplugs

The most well known type of hearing protection are foam earplugs and earmuffs which have varying amounts of sound attenuation. These devices work to entirely block sound from going into the ear. When used properly, foam earplugs and earmuffs work just as well as custom hearing protection devices.  However, numerous studies show that most people do not insert or wear these devices correctly.

Foam earplugs must be rolled tight, with no creases and inserted as far as possible into your ear canal.  When you look into the mirror you should not be able to see any bits of foam protruding from your ear- if you can see the foam plugs, then they are not inserted deep enough. Additionally, when using earmuffs, ensure glasses, safety glasses, etc. are not creating a gap between your skin and the earmuff.  In either instance, a crack the size of a pin is enough to allow dangerous sounds to reach your eardrum and potentially damage your ears and hearing.  

In-Ear Musicians’ Monitors

Custom in-ear monitor systems for musicians and audio engineers are available in a variety of colors and designs, including custom designs.

Racing Headset

The racing headsets are compatible with many racing communications systems and features an 18” hardwired EPIC cable and 3.5-mm mono plug driver. Headsets are available in a range of colors.

Custom Earbuds

Custom earbuds are designed for use with bud/button style stereo headphones.  These devices are extremely useful for people that find the “one size fits all” earbuds do not fit or are uncomfortable. Custom earbuds are available in a range of colors.

Swim Plugs

For the swimming enthusiast who cannot or do not enjoy getting their ears wet.  Custom swim plugs are made from a comfortable and durable soft silicone material and are available in a range of colors.  Plus, they float!

Kidzsafe Earbuds

Earbuds are manufactured by KonoAudio and are available in neon colors. No matter how high the device volume is turned up, the volume delivered to the ear will remain below 85 decibels. These earbuds are designed to help prevent noise induced hearing loss in children and teenagers.  Earbuds are compatible with any device, feature a rubberized casing and premium gauge cord with storage pouch.


We offer many types of hearing protection.

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