Frequently Asked Questions

Will insurance pay for/contribute to the cost of an audiological (hearing) evaluation?


In most instances, yes. However, we recommend always contacting your insurance carrier for covered services. Our office also recommends you provide a referral from your primary care provider for the evaluation to address your decline in hearing sensitivity, or other relevant symptom(s).

What should I expect during the evaluation appointment?


When you meet with your audiologist, expect to spend at least one hour at our office for your initial appointment. Together, you will discuss your medical and family case history before beginning the examination. Once the audiologist feels all pertinent information has been obtained, the examination will begin with Otoscopy (looking in your ears), and proceed with various tests to determine middle and inner ear function. The audiologist will then perform the hearing test, where you will likely push a button when you hear soft beeping sounds, as well as repeat multiple sets of words. At the end of the examination, your audiologist will review the results and recommendation(s) with you before you leave the office. We encourage you to also bring a loved one that you would feel comfortable discussing your test results in front of to your appointment, as well. 

How do I know which ear the hearing aid goes into?


On your hearing aid, there should be a marking in/around the battery door and/or on the tip of the hearing aid piece that goes into your ear canal. A red marker indicates the right ear, while a blue marker indicates the left ear. 

How do I know what size batteries my hearing aid uses?


Check your color tab! No matter the battery manufacturer, the color/number will always be the same.

Brown = 312 

Orange = 13

Yellow = 10

Blue = 675

How long should a battery last?


Size of the battery, average time of daily use of the hearing aids, and any “streaming” from accessories you may be doing affect the life of a battery. On average, battery life will last between 5 days (yellow/10 batteries) to several weeks (blue/675 batteries).

DID YOU KNOW? When changing batteries, peel the sticker and let the battery set for 5 MINUTES before putting into the hearing aid and you may see as much as one extra day of battery life!

My hearing aid stopped working, what do I do?


Do you have a fresh battery in the hearing aid? 

Check the hearing aid well for any debris or wax, and clean well if present. 

Change the wax guard/filter and domes, if you are able to

If the hearing aid is still not working following these routine cleaning processes, please contact our office at 207-786-3305 to schedule a hearing aid check appointment with your audiologist.

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