Hearing Aid Maintenance

In order for hearing aids to work optimally for the expected lifetime of the devices, you must ensure they receive proper maintenance. Hearing aids are very advanced electronic devices that are exposed to heat, moisture and wax every day – not optimal conditions for electronic equipment!

Routine Cleaning

Hearing aids are most likely to fail for two reasons: earwax and moisture. To prevent the aid from needing repairs, routine cleaning is required. Daily maintenance at home is the first line of defense – do your best to ensure that wax has not accumulated in the receiver holes, and that moisture is not visible in the tubing. We will thoroughly review how to clean and maintain your devices at home to ensure they continue to work properly for you. Additionally, you should be seen in our office every 6 months for a thorough and professional hearing aid cleaning. In the office we use special solutions and cleaning systems to clear debris from the receivers and microphones that cannot be removed with at-home cleaning tools.


Many problems with hearing aids can be fixed in our office for little to no charge. We offer a full range of repair services for all hearing aid manufacturers. If the hearing aid is damaged beyond possible in-office repair and is still in warranty under the manufacturer, we will send the aid in for repair at no charge. If the warranty has expired, there will be a reasonable fee for the repair and will be returned with at least a 6 month warranty.

Shell or Mold Modifications

Sometimes the problem with a hearing aid is not that it does not sound right, but that it does not fit right or is not entirely comfortable. If this is the case, we offer services to modify and reshape the hearing aid shell or earmold. If the shell has been completely damaged, we are able to cast a new impression of the ear and send the components into the manufacturer for a custom re-shelling.

Proper care is crucial to keeping your hearing aids in working order.

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