Hearing Aid Programming

Programming Your Hearing Aids

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to hearing aid programming, and we work with each patient on an individual basis to program hearing aids to his or her specific needs and life style.  We utilize cutting edge technology to fit hearing aids to prescriptive targets based on each patient’s hearing loss and environmental needs. As a comprehensive audiology center, we are able to work with numerous hearing aid manufacturers, and can also reprogram hearing aids purchased elsewhere for patients that are unhappy with their current hearing aid settings.

Hearing Aid Selection 

The “best” hearing aid for you depends on a variety of factors including the type and degree of your hearing loss, everyday communication and listening needs, dexterity to manipulate the devices, personal preferences on size and appearance, and budget. You can be assured we will work together to find the product that is best for your needs, regardless of manufacturer.

Digital Programming

Analog hearing aids (think of your parents or grandparents generations) were adjusted using tiny screwdrivers to manipulate volume, low pitch (bass) and high pitch (treble) sounds. Hearing aids of today are complete digital technology- essentially tiny little computers designed specifically for your ears. Digital technology allows for hundreds of parameters to be adjusted and focused specifically towards your listening and communication needs. We program hearing aids based on hearing loss in front of the patient, with special emphasis on lifestyle and personal listening preferences.  It is necessary to make several appointments for adjustments to the hearing aids after the hearing aids have been worn for a period of time as your brain is continuously adapting to the new sounds. 

Appointments for programming and follow-up care of the hearing aids are included with the hearing aids, and will be outlined on your purchase agreement.

Real Ear Measurements

Real ear measurements (REMs) allow us to account for differences in size and shape of a person’s ear and ear canal. During REM testing, a tiny probe microphone is inserted into your ear canal to measure how much sound is actually reaching the eardrum. We are thus able to program your hearing aids with a very high degree of accuracy based upon your individual ear measurements and hearing loss.

Speech Mapping: Speech mapping is a form of REMs that allow us to identify the frequency range and volume of speech sounds reaching the eardrum. Using speech mapping, we are able to track the digital components of hearing aids to ensure they are working accurately and continue to deliver a quality speech signal.

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