Hearing loss is a gradual and normal part of the aging process. However, excessive noise is still the primary cause. Permanent hearing loss can occur almost instantly with unprotected exposure to certain sounds. The consequences of this damage are high-frequency hearing loss, difficulty hearing in noise, and/or tinnitus.

How to Avoid Excessive Noise

  • Wear hearing protection if the sound level around you exceeds 85db
  • Lower your TV and music volume – especially if you use headphones or earbuds
  • Wear custom noise filters or solid earplugs when you go to concerts,bnightclubs, stadiums and other loud places
  • Use noise-cancelling headphones or other ear protection when using noisy equipment such as drills, lawnmowers, saws, etc.

What are Decibels?

Decibels (dB) measure the intensity of sound: from 0dB, which is the faintest sound the human ear can detect, to the noise of a rocket during launch, which can exceed 180dB. Experts typically consider exposure to more than 85dB to be dangerous.

Types of Hearing Protection



a non-custom, one-time use, one-size-fits-all form of protection that is the most widely recognized and used. They are inexpensive and can be purchased at almost any drug store.


Custom-fit to the contours of a person’s unique ear. They last for an extended period of time and can be used in a variety of noisy situations.


Digital products that feature high-definition sound enhancement and automatic noise suppression – so you hear the important sounds around you without the loud, harmful noises.


What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like

Visit one of our trusted partners, Phonak, to listen to a hearing loss simulator that compares three levels of hearing (normal, mild loss and severe loss) as you listen to several common sounds (sounds of nature, the city, a phone ringing, speech, music).


When is it time to seek professional help?

As soon as you feel you are experiencing difficulty hearing and/or understanding conversations, especially if you have begun AVOIDING situations and activities that you enjoy because of your hearing difficulties.


Choosing Your Healthcare Team

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