hearing aid careSummer means warmer weather, lazy days on the beach, and an increase in hearing aid troubles!

Moisture is the culprit for many hearing aid problems — excessive moisture due to high humidity and sweat can cause distortion, static and a host of other problems. To help avoid the time and expense of a manufacturer repair, follow these tips:


  • Leave your hearing device’s battery door open at night to allow air to circulate and dry it out.
  • Purchase a hearing aid dehumidifier, a Dri-Aid Kit, or a Dry and Store Box — they are inexpensive, simple to use, and provide a handy storage spot.
  • If you perspire heavily, take a moment to remove your hearing aids and wipe off excess moisture with a tissue.
  • If you wear behind-the-ear hearing aids, consider a moisture guard.
  • Avoid leaving your hearing aids in direct sunlight, glove compartments or environments where excessive heat can build up.
  • If your hearing aid isn’t working and you suspect a moisture problem, do not attempt to dry it in the microwave or with a hair dryer; moisture will often evaporate on its own if the device is left open to dry.

When is it time to seek professional help?

As soon as you feel you are experiencing difficulty hearing and/or understanding conversations, especially if you have begun AVOIDING situations and activities that you enjoy because of your hearing difficulties.


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